In today's industrial designer handbags Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coach purses are the epitome of luxury and style. House of Prada has been in existence nearly a hundred years, is an elegant, simple high-fashion purses and handbags of the pioneer. Prada label was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada's. He first began selling shoes, shorts, shoes, handbags, almost immediately been widely successful, recognized in the United States and Europe. Later, Prada opened two boutiques in Milan, Italy. Early Prada luggage, to the member made of heavy walrus skin, did not do good air travel. Therefore, Prada began to focus on fine leather handbags and accessories. The new material has been included in the shell turtle, crystal and wood. Water sold in the U.S. apparel market, as well. No matter how successful the Prada, the company began to decline in 1970. Will soon have a new era in the history of Prada. The granddaughter of comedy Prada, Miuccia Pula up to take over the company in 1978. She ookasxld five years studying atMilan's Teatro Piccolo, she received a doctorate in political science. Miuccia an inherent cognitive ability and good fashion, she led her into the world's elite fashion designer Prada name. Miuccia began making backpacks and luxury shopping bags out of smooth black nylon material. Around the same time, she married Patrizio Bertelli who took over the managers role. This makes Miuccia Prada will focus on improving the design of the new image. The pocone handbag that was launched in 1985 to become a success overnight, and launched into the spotlight Prada name deeper. Although pocone is practical and well-made, is also very runningshoesusonline. fashion, and is in high position. Copy of the fashion industry took off, more and more women want to own a real Prada purse. Prada is now a worldwide empire, handbags as designer's name. A Prada store in almost every country in the Western world. What better way to be resolved, rather than a celebrity for a free Prada handbags ad? Prada look has evolved through the years, its diversity, is Miuccia grateful that she has the right to guide the direction of Prada, and all the while maintaining the highest quality.If you want to find a real Prada purse or handbag with the Internet, you may want to try several sites. However, you must understand, Prada handbags is not cheap. I hope you can budget your room, if you really have one. q leather handbags first just over one thousand U.S. dollars of the price tag, and can be 2,000 all the way past the balloon. Some more nylon handbags at reasonable prices, and start at 700 dollars. They can easily run to 1500 U.S. dollars. Just remember, you buy quality and Prada name.

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